Today outrageous is the new normal, loneliness is rife, magic is lost. But what happens when we encounter an unexpected moment of connection? Immerse yourself in a world that slips between the real and the surreal.
Foxtale Ensemble comes together from cities across Europe to share an experiential performance inspired by magic realism. A storyteller opens a box and invites the audience to enter an urban world. Multiple cities, otherworldly soundscapes and shape-shifting characters are unapologetically pieced together in a performance that balances on the edge of the real and the surreal, slipping into either at any given moment.
This is a premier of work-in-progress, created during the Voila! Residency at Rich Mix.
Please note: This performance contains audience interaction.
This company was supported with a Voila! Residency at Rich Mix in August and will be presenting the show premiere at the festival this autumn!

Foxtale is a group of international actresses who are pushing at the received notion of theatre, twisting narratives with their energy and imagination.
Paul Hegarty, Theatre Bubble