Daniel Morden brings us a folkloric fever dream of a reluctant hero of the people, while Lucy Lill embarks on a wild exploration of Kassandra – a story of those who knew exactly what was coming, but did nothing about it….

THE THIEF’S TALE by Daniel Morden

What would drive you to theft?



…to save a life?

Daniel Morden conjures a folkloric fever-dream full of the fantastic triumphs and farcical mishaps of reluctant hero of the people Conal Crovi. Expect absurd tales of wool pulling, boat rocking, petty theft and grand larceny in this comic and creepy show, complete with giant cow-eating cats!

Brimming with wild legend, low cunning, high drama and last-minute escapes from certain death – come and shake a fist at the ludicrous order of things.


Gobbed on by a god

Blessed with the power to see the future

Cursed with never being believed

Meet Kassandra…

Following a path less trodden, Lucy Lill rakes through the ashes of a fallen city to find the story of those who knew exactly what was coming, but did nothing about it. Here, a young woman bargains for unheard-of powers, a new god smashes his way to the centre of the world, and a 900-year-old woman takes a day trip to Rome.

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