We are an arts centre. We are a cinema. We are a charity. We are Rich Mix.

We want to offer 2,020 free cinema tickets to local Tower Hamlets school children. We are passionate about film. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience and appreciate professional film as an art form.

Tower Hamlets has enormous inequalities and is the 10th most deprived Local Authority in the country. It has the highest rate of child poverty nationally (42%). The offer of these tickets and school trips will be targeted at schools with the highest proportion of free school meal places or those schools not accessing local cultural or creative provision in the borough.

Who will benefit from the free tickets?

We will offer these free tickets to existing schools we work with and use this opportunity as an outreach to those in Tower Hamlets that we are yet to engage with. We’ll offer these screenings to Year 6 classes, the theme of these films will be ‘coming of age’, offered to school children in the summer term before the transition into secondary school.

Donate today to help a Tower Hamlet a child, class, or even a year group.