This year we’ve added a new strand to our Pic ‘n’ Mix programme, with the introduction of a free after school cinema club for local children.

In this short video below, we hear from the pupils taking part in our Pic ‘n’ Mix After School Club, as they tell us about the new things they learnt and what they’ll take away from the experience – hit play to watch!

For the Autumn Term we ran eight sessions, welcoming in 15 children from Christ Church Primary School. 

We covered everything from the importance of location to establishing characters. We learned about shot types and camera movements, and how to operate a camera and a tripod. We used a green screen for filming and held editing workshops so that everyone could learn how to use different effects when filming, ready to utilise in their own storytelling. 

Photo by Naomi KP.

Each pupil took turns taking on the various roles on a film set, from the Director to the Camera Operator. Along with learning to become filmmakers, the group also collaborated to create an ‘ensemble’ where everyone felt supported, seen and had confidence to share their voice. 

Photo by Naomi KP.

For Spring Term, we are continuing with a mix of old and new faces from Christ Church Primary. The pupils who attended in Autumn Term will have the chance to build on their skills and the pupils joining for the first time will bring their own creativity and inspiration to the studio.

Photo by Naomi KP.

Quotes from school children about the After School Film Club:

“My favourite thing about coming to Rich Mix is learning how to make movies and how to use a green screen.”

“I’ve learned how to record, use a green screen and how to edit.”

“My favourite thing [is} we can say your emotions and move around how you feel.”

“They’re just so amazing because every time I see a movie I’m always so interested in what’s behind the scenes.”

“Before I came to Rich Mix I didn’t know there were more commands than ‘action’ and ‘cut’.”

“I think it’s hard to get the angle of the camera because if you get the wrong angle you’ll have to start over again.”

“It’s really really fun and I highly recommend it because, well, you learn loads of cool stuff and it might help you in the future.”

“I just really think it’s fun and I’m glad I get to come to Rich Mix to do this.”

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The Pic ‘n’ Mix programme is delivered in partnership with THAMES (Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service), Into Film and supported by THAMESDerwent LondonThe Portal Trust, Travers Smith and The Merchant Taylors’ Foundation.