Last autumn, our young people’s programme expanded with drop-in film and music sessions New Creates starting on Wednesdays (in addition to the regular New Creatives sessions on Tuesdays).

In the film group, young people wrote their own scripts, filmed on location around Shoreditch, and worked with the music group to capture footage of their creative progress.

In the music sessions, the group collaborated on writing, producing and recording original tracks, resulting in the creation of a 13-track album. 

Listen to the album and watch the film below:


New Creates: Music

Over the course of the project, young people worked with mentors to produce original songs for a collaborative album Somewhere In The East. The songs are all written by the young artists with a mixture of Garage, RnB, Rap, Drill, Grime and Soulful Rap.

Mentors: Capo Lee, Shay D, Izco
Guest Mentors: Jammz, Hux, Reek0


New Creates: Film

While the music group were working on their tunes, the film group developed their filming and editing skills by creating a visual album to go alongside the tracks, featuring behind the scenes footage of the music-making process and music video vignettes.

Mentors: Sufia Sadullah & Ranja Faraj

New Creates is supported by Aldgate and Allhallows Foundation.