Parents are a child’s first and best teacher. We believe that families are the foundation for opening doors to creativity.

Once a month, as part of our Free Family Sunday programme, we invite participants and to play creatively with their child/ren exploring everyday creative activity whilst learning new skills and knowledge, having fun engaging together and making connections with other local families.

Make a story, make a cardboard house for play, make a weaving with real sheep’s wool, make a puppet show in your den, make a banner to tell us your ideas, make a game to play together, make some herbal bath bombs as a present Everyone is a Maker! 

Rich Mix delivers in collaboration with our Associate Artists; inspired by a wide range of creative themes, local and national initiatives and new & unusual artistic techniques and materials. 

We had a GREAT time on the day. I personally found it quite stirring and emotional – gathering together in such a way.  Thanks in part to the lovely people you collected together for us to work with, what a lovely mixed bunch of kind, gentle and active souls
Rich Mix Partner
It’s great to come to Everyone a Maker workshops, it’s always something that appeals to both myself and my children
Parent / Guardian

Many thanks. My children didn’t want to leave! Inventions, drawing, laughing and joking. We had a lovely day. Everyone was so friendly and made us feel welcome, and we all got on so nicely
Parent / Guardian

The header image was taken by Kirsti Davies.